Coffee Makers & Urns

55 Cup Stainless Coffee Maker   $14.00 each
85 Cup Polished Stainless Coffee Maker  $16.00 each
100 Cup Coffee Maker  $19.00 each

**Coffee Makers Tips/ Instructions**
A 55 Cup Coffee Maker Requires 1lb. of Coffee
A 100 Cup Coffee Maker Requires 2lb of Coffee
Please note: It takes one minute per cup to brew a pot of coffee.

Elegant Tiered Serving Trays

3 Tier Serving Trays

Cup Cakes Desserts and Appetizers

$16.50 each

Elegant Black 4-Tier

Glass Serving Trays

$11.00 each

Elegant Tiered Collection

Large Capacity Rectangle Serving Trays

$13.00 – $16.50 each

Chafing Dishes (Includes Sterno’s)


9 Quart Polished Stainless  $21.50 each

9 Quart Polished Stainless with Brass Trim  $27.00 each

9 Quart Polished Stainless (Round)  $27.00 each

Stainless Punch Bowl

Polished Stainless Punch Bowls

3 Gallon  $8.00 each

Cake Stands

8″ Cake Stand   $4.50

10″ Cake Stand   $5.50

White Serving Plates

$8.00 each