Executive Glassware Collection

Price Each Glass:  $0.45

Elite Party Rentals Executive Collection includes standard water goblet (13oz), red wine (8 ½ oz), white wine (7 1/2 oz) and champagne flute (8 ½ oz).

An excellent choice for elegance at an affordable price.

Crystal Stemware Luigi Bormioli Collection

Price Each Glass:  $0.80

Elite Party Rentals Luigi Bormioli Collection is one of the most elegant and classy Crystal Stemware offered locally…

Luigi Bormoioli Collection will bring sophistication and elegance to your event and everyone will recognize at a single glance

This gorgeous crystal stemware includes, Water (13oz), White Wine (11oz), Red Wine (17oz) and Champagne Flute (9oz).

Mixed Glassware

Price Each Glass:  $0.55

Mixed Glassware
Looking to host a fun cocktail party? Elite Party Rentals have what you need!

Elite Party Rentals Mixed Glassware is sure to spice up your cocktail party. Mixed Glassware includes Martini, Irish Coffee Mug, Highball and Old Fashioned.


Pilsner Beer Glass

Price Each Glass:  $1.10

Are you planning an event that includes beer tasting or food pairing?

Elite Party Rentals Pilsner Beer Glass is a perfect choice!


We also rent:

  • Glass Water Pitchers for $2.00 each
  • Three Gallon Polished Stainless Punch Bowls for $7.00 each
  • Stainless Steel Ice Buckets for $4.00 each
  • Round Cocktail Tables for $10.00 each
  • Cocktail Chairs for $7.00 each