Flatware Crestwood Stainless

Price Each Piece:  $0.40

Elite Party Rentals Crestwood Silverware collection is great for holidays and formal parties.  It is a designer collection that stands out with its elegant engraving that will certainly make a statement.

Dinner Knife  $4.00 per 10
Dinner Fork  $4.00 per 10
Salad/Dessert Fork $4.00 per 10
Teaspoon $ 4.00 per 10

Flatware Cellini Stainless

Price Each Piece:  $0.40

Cellini Silverware set is one of two Silverware options Elite Party Rentals offer.

Cellini Silverware has a simple design that delivers affordable elegance.

Dinner Knife $4.00 per 10
Dinner Fork  $4.00 per 10
Salad/Dessert Fork  $4.00 per 10
Teaspoon  $4.00 per 10